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You can generate a Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs using the following method:

e107::url($plugin, $key, $row, $options);


Example 1: Forum topic URLs

In this example we will generate search-engine-friendly URLs for a forum topic with the following code: .

// these values are usually loaded from the database. 
$data = array(
	'forum_sef'		=>	'my-sef-forum-name', 
	'thread_id'		=>  2, 
	'thread_sef'	=>	'my-forum-topic'

$url = e107::url('forum','topic', $data);

The code above loads the following file: e107_plugins/forum/e_url.php and generates a URL from the following array data with the unique key topic:

$config['topic'] = array(
	'regex'    => '^forum/(.*)/(d*)-([w-]*)/???(.*)',
	'sef'      => 'forum/{forum_sef}/{thread_id}-{thread_sef}/',
	'redirect' => '/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?id=$2'

Only the value of 'sef' is used in this array. it substitutes the values {forum_sef}, {thread_id} and {thread_sef} with the variables in the $data array.

The end result would look something like this: http://sitename.com/forum/my-sef-forum-name/2-my-forum-topic

Example 2: Using optional parameters

TODO: Add examples using the options parameter

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