Database structure

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Best practices

  • Do not modify the core database structure

  • Do not (ab)use database tables and fields for other purposes

Database prefix

The default database table prefix is e107_ and can be customized by the user during the installation of e107. The prefix that is used on an installation can always be found in the e107_config.php file.

There are several ways the database prefix is used:

  1. Recommended: It is strongly recommend to make use of the database methods. Using these methods, the database table prefix is processed automatically.

  2. By using the # sign, one can automatically refer to the database prefix. This is generally used when using the e107::getDB()->gen() method, to manually construct an SQL query.

  3. In rare cases, you may reference the MPREFIX constant. Its use is deprecated and not encouraged.

Database tables overview

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The following table provides an overview of all database tables in a clean e107 installation, with their respective purposes.

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